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The multi-dimensional micro-motion platform of MEMS uses the actuator of the actuator to drive the platform and the object to move in many dimensions. With the continuous integration and miniaturization of all kinds of systems, as well as the improvement of performance requirements such as accuracy and reliability, the micro-motion platform of MEMS has a very broad application scenario in various fields with its advantages of small size, high precision, low power consumption, fast speed and so on.

The areas covered include Optical imaging, Optical communication, Biological analysis, etc., and play a key role in a series of applications such as UAV, video surveillance, virtual reality, augmented reality, genetic engineering, 5G, Intelligent wearing, etc.

Micro-Austrian micro-motion platform can achieve 5-Dimensional drive (in-plane 2-D + out-of-plane 3-D). Combining with electrothermal and electrostatic drive modes, it can match different actuators according to specific application requirements. It can achieve high precision (nanometer level), large displacement (millimeter level), low power consumption, high filling rate, small size, high-speed multi-dimensional micro-motion platform.

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