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The chips have two working modes: resonance scanning and quasi-static deflection. The maximum mechanical deflection can be achieved by resonance scanning and 6.5 degrees mechanical deflection can be achieved by quasi-static mode. The size of the mirror is 2.5-3 mm, and the surface is coated with aluminium or gold. It has good reflectivity for different wavelength sources from visible to infrared light. This series of chips can be used in 3D face identification, LiDAR, Medical imaging, Laser printer and other fields.

Core technology, independent research and development, high stability
Autonomous algorithm, self-checking function, high accuracy
Fine production process, life-long quality assurance
7*24-hour fast response, high-quality after-sales service
Product Application Areas
Agricultural food Detection of Vegetable, Drinking Water, Edible Oil and Soil Pollution
Safety and explosion protection Detection of explosives, flammable liquids, high-risk chemicals, etc.
Chemical medicine Detection of Chemical Constituents of Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Lesion Tissues, Oil Gases, etc.
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